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[Announcing updated content, navigation links, thanks for video help, and work in progress]


Post COVID-19 Plans

  • Jeff is interested in resuming the face-to-face evening meetups (with formal presentations recorded) in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • Jeff and Mike are interested in resuming the face-to-face weekend meetups (informal discussion groups) in San Francisco, Oakland, and Walnut Creek.
  • Jeff and Mike are interested in continuing virtual/online meetups on weekday mornings (and possibly evenings) with recorded demos, lightning talks, and general discussions.


new/updated meeting notes
19 March 2021
5 March 2021
12 February 2021
27 January 2021

Starting Points

Some useful links (now available in the footer of our wiki pages) are:


Thanks to Sacha Chua and Leo Vivier for their help with video recording, post-processing, and subtitles (and inspiration).

In Progress

  • still need to add categories and tags to the sidebar, read-more links, etc. to this blog
  • editing subtitles on recorded demo videos, publishing videos publicly on Emacs SF YouTube channel
  • adding gists, snippets, presentations
  • documenting blog workflow for guest authors
  • add About page

I plan to update this post when the above in-progress tasks are completed.

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